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Hamilton Pet Care!

We are a co-operatively owned emergency veterinary clinic, providing integrated care with your regular veterinarian. Eight local animal hospitals are involved in this initiative, click to view our member veterinary clinics.

Our service hours provide veterinary care when most animal hospitals are closed. Our dedicated team includes an emergency veterinarian, and a registered veterinary technician. They are always on site to provide you and your pet with quality service and care.

Why would you come to our Emergency Veterinary Clinic?

Hamilton Region Emergency Veterinary Clinic supports our affiliated veterinarians by providing 24 hour emergency care and around the clock monitoring. Our facility is devoted to the treatment of your animal in any veterinary emergency and our staff often have advanced training or extensive experience in critical care. This differentiates our facility from a regular 24 hour hospital that will see emergencies in addition to routine appointments.

We can provide your pet with appropriate and immediate diagnostic testing in emergency situations such as poisoning, car trauma and sudden illness. Diagnostics are an important step in determining the appropriate medical or surgical response. Our focus is to provide intensive care services for critically ill pets, and if necessary, we can monitor your pet continuously at our emergency animal hospital until released or discharged.

Your pet is a member of your family, and we are dedicated to providing you with the best care possible for your pet.