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Veterinary shortages in North America is a current and concerning problem.

This shortage has been made more problematic as pet ownership has increased by 20% since the pandemic. Like most clinics in North America, the Hamilton Region Emergency Veterinary Clinic is dealing with shortages in professional staffing. Our team continues to do our best despite these circumstances. Our hours of availability will vary depending on staffing levels. Please call our clinic at (905) 529-1004 or (289) 779-6907 prior to coming to ensure we are able to see your pet. If we are unable to accommodate you, our staff will help advise you of who to contact. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We have a zero tolerance policy for verbal and physical abuse towards any member of our team at all times. Abusive, aggressive or defamatory behaviour will result in your pet being refused service. Please be kind. We are all working very hard despite shortages and doing our best during these extremely challenging times.       #nomv

Pet Health Library

Hamilton Region Emergency Vet Clinic is pleased to provide a library of professionally written articles.

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Contact the Hamilton Region Veterinary Clinic if an emergency situation occurs at 905-529-1004 or (289) 779-6907.

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Pet Health Checker

Use our Pet Health Checker tool to help you decide if your pet’s symptoms require veterinary attention.

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